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We are Pencillati, an elite studio providing art services for the 'Future of Entertainment'

What’s our Name?


plural noun, singular pen·cil·la·to [pen-suh-lah-toh]

1. A brotherhood of elite artists possessing, or claiming to possess, superior art skills.

2. ( initial capital letter ) A name given to a society or sect of artists because of their claim to superior skills.

Origin:  The name was originally coined in February, 2013 by us after drawing inspiration from the latin word, illuminati and fusing it with the vision of eliteness we have for this organisation.

What’s our Game?

Founded in the spring of 2013 in New Delhi, we specialise in the production of 2D, 3D art and animation for games, apps and the web. A closely knit team of artists with varied backgrounds, we really enjoy working together on briefs and delivering elegant solutions to creative opportunities. Our foundation lies in digital art and we seek to pursue a bigger role in the future of entertainment.

Our services can be broadly classified as

A. Concept art and Visualisation
B. Engine ready game assets
C. Illustration and Digital painting
D. Animation and Motion graphics

Claim to Fame?

Like our name, we strive to attain the highest standards of quality in our work, team and infrastructure.

The threshold to join us is uncompromisingly high and only the best artists find a place in our team. Our processes are attuned to provide on-call solutions and our projects are managed by the veterans of the outsourced art production industry. All the infrastructure and workstations used in our studio are top of the line, always.

Since our goal is to play bigger and better role in the future, we like to keep up with the latest trends and influences in the industry. Please drop us a line here for a guided tour of our facility.

Meet Our Team



The Boss

Man proposes, Bot disposes. Resurrected from a pile of toys dating back to the 80’s, Bot-in-Chief is the acting ‘Boss’ in an otherwise flat organisation. He owns the corner office and responds with intimidating silence on crucial policy matters. He finds Piper Pinwheeler as cute as a new pack of batteries.

Vivek Singh Sidhu

Vivek Singh Sidhu

Co-Founder & CEO

An artist turned entrepreneur, Vivek chose to pursue a career in Animation after studying engineering and management. Since then, he has worn many hats in the last fourteen years including that of an animator, a game producer and a project manager. He goes by the call sign ‘vex’ in the gaming circuit. 

Kshiraj Telang

Kshiraj Telang

Co-Founder & CCO

Kshiraj is a formidable force in the Indian digital artist community and his name appears in the art credits of many games.  He has worked for heavy weights of the likes of Booyah, Iron Galaxy Games and many more. Why he wears a cap, you ask? “Because…” he says, “no one cared who I was until I put on the cap.”

Mamnoon Kazmi

Mamnoon Kazmi

Art Lead

The dark-horse of the game art scene in India, Mamnoon likes to command and conquer the army of assets one at a time. Behind a tongue twisting name is a quiet, sought after 2D artist whose works speaks for itself. Our clients love his balanced approach and error free judgement which shines in the work he delivers.

Clients we’ve worked with