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Why artists love Pencillati

  Happy 2014 everyone ! Our ongoing recruitment drive gave us an opportunity to talk to many artists shortlisted from an ocean of job applications. As the conversations became deeper and more meaningful, we grew interested in finding out the core motivations of the artists working in our industry today, and how well did Pencillati fair…

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Happy Thanksgiving! Our website relaunched

Today, we would like to thank you for… Being a wonderful client and giving a meaning to our productivity, one day after another. Being an amazing team so full of enthusiasm and talent, that it makes us unstoppable. Being a faithful guide in our journey towards true creativity and excellence. Being a loving friend and wishing…

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Pencillati debuts at NGDC 2013

Catch us in action at the signature event of the gaming industry in India, the Nasscom GDC, 15-16 Nov 2013, Pune. It will be our first GDC and we look forward to share those warm smiles and handshakes with all of you. Do give us a shout if you are there or write to me to…

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Meet Kshiraj, our Chief Creative Officer

  Kshiraj Telang is a formidable force in the Indian digital artist community, and co-founder of Pencillati. A self taught digital artist, a rare gem who came to New Delhi from his home town twelve years ago with a dream to turn his love for art into a career. Today, he is a well-known artist,…

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The meaning of PENCILLATI

pen·cil·la·ti [pen-suh–lah-tee] plural noun, singular pen·cil·la·to [pen-suh–lah-toh]. 1. a brotherhood of elite artists possessing, or claiming to possess, superior art skills . 2. ( initial capital letter ) a name given to artist society or sect because of their claim to superior skills. Origin:  The term was originally coined in February, 2013 by yours sincerely after drawing inspiration from the latin word, illuminati and fusing it with the vision of eliteness we have for this organisation.