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Team Introduction: Tarun Jain-Producer

 What do you do at Pencillati Studios? I am the Producer at Pencillati Studios. As Producer, what are your responsibilities? My responsibilities as a Producer ranges all across the functional spectrum of the studio. My main areas are project management which includes client communication, quality check, deliveries, and work assignment. Besides this, I also manage R&D,…

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Team Introduction: Samar Malik- Associate Art Director

How would you describe your journey in the Game Art industry? I started out in the industry as a trainee 2D Artist fresh out of art. From there on I have always found opportunities to learn new things. Along the way, I picked up my Photoshop skills and worked on my development skills in Game…

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Team Introduction: Aarchish Jain- Technical Lead

What does your role as technical lead encompass? My role comprises of the technical troubleshooting in the projects at Pencillati. This includes creating some user friendly, easy-to-handle rigs and giving as much flexibility to the animator as possible to make them work without facing any kind of difficulty in their work. I also try to…

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Team Introduction: Direndra Pal- Art Director

What do you do at Pencillati Studios? My role comprises of the artistic direction of the projects at Pencillati. This includes quality assurance and working alongside my team all throughout the process of creating quality game art. I also work on the personal growth of each individual of the team. What do you focus on as…

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Farewell Kshiraj !

Our founding member and creative head, Kshiraj Telang is moving on after an action packed stint of almost two years. He along with his wife Swati, played a pivotal role in defining the core values and the culture of Pencillati. We wish both of you all the very best.

Why artists love Pencillati

  Happy 2014 everyone ! Our ongoing recruitment drive gave us an opportunity to talk to many artists shortlisted from an ocean of job applications. As the conversations became deeper and more meaningful, we grew interested in finding out the core motivations of the artists working in our industry today, and how well did Pencillati fair…

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Meet Kshiraj, our Chief Creative Officer

  Kshiraj Telang is a formidable force in the Indian digital artist community, and co-founder of Pencillati. A self taught digital artist, a rare gem who came to New Delhi from his home town twelve years ago with a dream to turn his love for art into a career. Today, he is a well-known artist,…

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