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Team Introduction: Direndra Pal- Art Director

What do you do at Pencillati Studios?

My role comprises of the artistic direction of the projects at Pencillati. This includes quality assurance and working alongside my team all throughout the process of creating quality game art. I also work on the personal growth of each individual of the team.

What do you focus on as the Art Director?

As the Art Director my primary focus lies in the quality of the product that are going to end up with our clients. Sincerity is the order of the day. Every piece of game art, be it characters or UI icons, undergoes careful scrutiny before being forwarded to our clients. The other focus is timing. Our aim is providing quality art on time.

Why did you decide to join Pencillati?

I knew the crew working at Pencillati and I did not want to pass up an opportunity to work in such a charged environment along with some of the best artists in my opinion.

Posted on September 27, 2016 in Company, People

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