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Team Introduction: Jatin Malhotra-Associate Art Director

Over the course of its journey, Pencillati has come to be home to quite a few experienced artists. Here’s introducing one such rock star: Jatin Malhotra. What do you do as Associate Art Director? I work on different parts of the production and push myself to bring out the required quality in the visual experiences we…

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Introducing our Summer Interns 2017

It’s summer again and that means two things: beating the heat and the time for our summer interns to show up! The Summer of 2017 brought with it, three interns: Pranavjit Virdi, Shubham Vig and Inosha Dhingra! Pranavjit Favorite Game: The Last of Us and Need for Speed Most Wanted Favorite Movie Snack: Nachos Hidden Indulgences: Level 45…

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Pencillati’s Award Streak 2016-17

Pencillati is about to complete a year since the release of our first short film ‘The Bloop Troop’. The Bloop Troop is a slapstick comedy about three warriors trying to get rid of a bothersome fly, and failing miserably at it. Since the September of 2016, Pencillati has received a multitude of awards for ‘The…

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Pencillati is Looking for Heroes!

  Are you any of the following?   Character Designer Coloring Artist Environment Designer 2D Animator Production Manager Admin Executive 3D Lighting and Compositing Artist   If you are, then you have in front of you, the awesome opportunity to join the Pencillati clan of elite artists!   Read on to know more about the…

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A Study in Composition (Part 2)

In our previous post, we had explored the various designing principles and how the application of those principles create the desired compositions. This time, let’s take a look at how you can convey emotions and tell a story through composition. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the basic tools that can…

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Pencillati Studios presents ‘Far The Days Come’

A tree fell and somewhere in a cold unknown land, man discovered fire. Fire saved man and comforted him. Time passed, trees kept falling and comfortable men fired to take further comfort in unknown lands. The World has come a full circle.     Pencillati brings to you ‘Far the Days Come’; a paint animation short…

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Pencillati Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

Pencillati completes 4 years and with each passing year, we have grown in strength and experience. We are now a 30+ strong studio with over 80 years of combined experience, delivering upwards of 1200 Game Assets for various games, including one of mobile gaming platforms biggest RPG: “DragonSoul” by Perblue. The year 2016-17 has been one…

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Visiting The India Gaming Show 2017!

Delhi just witnessed India’s first government-backed eSports event: The India Gaming Show, 2017. The 4-day event was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry at Pragati Maidan from 2nd to 5th February. With agendas such as Gaming Tournaments and Cosplays, the IGS had something for everyone. The Gaming Tournaments, particularly, saw the coming together of…

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A Study in Composition (Part 1)

Over time, we have come across various fundamental principles from various sources that have helped us study Composition. Our very own Chirag Thakar, has helped us compile of this information. The three questions: Why? What? How? It is very important to know the answers to these questions, in this order, before we start out in…

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Team Introduction: Tarun Jain-Producer

 What do you do at Pencillati Studios? I am the Producer at Pencillati Studios. As Producer, what are your responsibilities? My responsibilities as a Producer ranges all across the functional spectrum of the studio. My main areas are project management which includes client communication, quality check, deliveries, and work assignment. Besides this, I also manage R&D,…

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Submissions Open Now: Republic Day Art Contest!

Call for Entries Welcome to a world of creativity! We hereby decalre our Republic Day Art Contest, OPEN TO ALL! And this time we have a theme! Read on for more details. We invite you to submit your artworks in the following categories: 1. Concept 2D: Environment (A mad scientist’s lab) Character (Design your Superhero/Supervillain)  …

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Pencillati Visits the Asian Television Forum & Market, 2016

Pencillati visited the Asian TV Forum and Market, 2016 held in Singapore from the 6th to 7th of December. The Asian TV Forum and Market is Asia’s biggest entertainment content market that brings together Asian and International entertainment content buyers and sellers on a single platform. The MEAI (The Media Entertainment Association of India) The…

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Team Introduction: Samar Malik- Associate Art Director

How would you describe your journey in the Game Art industry? I started out in the industry as a trainee 2D Artist fresh out of art. From there on I have always found opportunities to learn new things. Along the way, I picked up my Photoshop skills and worked on my development skills in Game…

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Pencillati Wins at 24FPS Awards

The Bloop Troop, Pencillati’s debut short film, recently picked up the Best Animated Short (2D/3D) in the Studio/Professional category at the 24FPS International Animation Awards held in Mumbai on the 15th of December, 2016. The film has been entirely made on the Blender 3D software. “We had hoped to venture into IP creation and expanding…

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Team Introduction: Aarchish Jain- Technical Lead

What does your role as technical lead encompass? My role comprises of the technical troubleshooting in the projects at Pencillati. This includes creating some user friendly, easy-to-handle rigs and giving as much flexibility to the animator as possible to make them work without facing any kind of difficulty in their work. I also try to…

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Wacom Cintiq 13HD- Unboxing and Review

Cintiq 13HD (DTK 1300/K0) The Cintiq 13HD is the latest addition to our production pipeline and we have been using it for about a month now. Here’s what our views are on it! The Device: Screen Size: 13.3 inches diagonally Resolution: 1920×1080 HD Color Performance: 75% of Adobe RGB Peripherals: USB 2.0 Aspect Ratio: 16:9…

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Meet us at MIPCOM and MIPJunior 2016!

We are attending MIPCOM and MIPJunior 2016 and we hope to see you there to talk about our latest project. Come one come all and loose yourself in the world of Pencillati! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to know where to find us! Contact us for more info!

Team Introduction: Direndra Pal- Art Director

What do you do at Pencillati Studios? My role comprises of the artistic direction of the projects at Pencillati. This includes quality assurance and working alongside my team all throughout the process of creating quality game art. I also work on the personal growth of each individual of the team. What do you focus on as…

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Character Introduction: ‘The Barbarian’

A lover of axes, the barbarian is notorious for brushing his teeth, and living a dishevelled life. A protégé Tarzan, despite all his axes and machoism he has no exes and the art of gracefully swinging from the tress. The only thing he has is a pea-sized brain, a bad temper and a worse body…

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Cintiq 27 qhd review

The Wacom Cintiq 27QHD has been an integral part of our production process for almost a year now. A model designed to replace the Wacom Cintiq 24HD, here we draw a comparison while listing the possibilities of the device. The 27QHD looks very classy, with an all glass interface with none of the clutter that was…

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Character Introduction: The Fly

  Great things come in small packages. Faster than light and smarter than all her opponents combined, the Fly steals the show with her adorable mischief. She is the excitement that hooks you to the story and leaves you with a smile The Fly is a character in Pencillati’s upcoming short film “The Bloop Troop”. The…

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Spine 101: Animating in Spine

  As many of us know Spine is an animation tool that focuses specifically on 2D animation for games. We started off on Spine in March of 2015, from scratch. We have come a long way in discovering and learning the characteristics of it. Here are some basics of Spine. Getting started Spine opens up with…

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Character Introduction: ‘The Archer’

  Introducing The hair-splitting master archer’s aim never fails and neither does his resolve to fight all things annoying. His arrows are dipped in venomous jealousy of his enemies who envy his handsomeness. Not to be confused with an elf, this one is as straight as an arrow with a mind as twisted as his…

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Blast from the Past: Andaman Islands Office Trip 2015!

The clocks have turned a year since our office trip to the Andaman Islands, yet it seems just like yesterday that we were rolling on  the waves at one of the many beaches of this beautiful string of islands. We took off for Port Blair on the 10th of September, 2015.   Port Blair and…

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The Blender experience (part 1)

Pencillati Studios has been a part of the Indian animation industry for the last three years. With mostly gaming and character design projects under our belt, we have decided to produce an in-house film to showcase our strength in the area of animation film production. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that we have chosen ‘Blender’…

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  Pencillati’s World Youth Skills Day 2016 Art Contest was held in the month of July, Celebrating the budding talent of young artists, across the planet. Even with all the great entries received from artists all over the world, the best of the best emerged the winners!   The winners in the respective categories are:…

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When we hit the CTNX 2015!

Hello, once again! Pencillati just attended the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo, CTNX, held in Burbank, California from Nov 20-22, 2015. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time being a part of this grand event bustling with the perfect blend of talent and experience. The four member team consisting of Pencillati’s CEO, Producer, Art Director and Lead Artist…

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Farewell Kshiraj !

Our founding member and creative head, Kshiraj Telang is moving on after an action packed stint of almost two years. He along with his wife Swati, played a pivotal role in defining the core values and the culture of Pencillati. We wish both of you all the very best.

Meet us at NGDC 2014

GDC’14 here we come

Game Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from 17th to 21st March. Excitement is at its peak as we prepare to attend the holy grail event for the first time. We would love to soak in the experience and say new hellos. Contact us if you would like to meet up.

Our first anniversary

Amid the hustle and bustle of a busy production day, Pencillati silently completed one year today. No parties, yet a lot to celebrate. It has been a dream start for a studio starting out with no more than a vision of providing high quality workmanship and an eye on the future. Our growth in the…

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Why artists love Pencillati

  Happy 2014 everyone ! Our ongoing recruitment drive gave us an opportunity to talk to many artists shortlisted from an ocean of job applications. As the conversations became deeper and more meaningful, we grew interested in finding out the core motivations of the artists working in our industry today, and how well did Pencillati fair…

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Happy Thanksgiving! Our website relaunched

Today, we would like to thank you for… Being a wonderful client and giving a meaning to our productivity, one day after another. Being an amazing team so full of enthusiasm and talent, that it makes us unstoppable. Being a faithful guide in our journey towards true creativity and excellence. Being a loving friend and wishing…

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We had an overwhelming NGDC 2013

  Thank you NASSCOM and all the delegates ! We had a wonderful experience at India’s flagship game developers conference and felt like the torch bearers for Game Art at the event. The venue (a new and bigger one this year) was thriving with an assortment of cosplay, BYOG, talented developers, reputed publishers and international speakers.…

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Pencillati debuts at NGDC 2013

Catch us in action at the signature event of the gaming industry in India, the Nasscom GDC, 15-16 Nov 2013, Pune. It will be our first GDC and we look forward to share those warm smiles and handshakes with all of you. Do give us a shout if you are there or write to me to…

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Meet Kshiraj, our Chief Creative Officer

  Kshiraj Telang is a formidable force in the Indian digital artist community, and co-founder of Pencillati. A self taught digital artist, a rare gem who came to New Delhi from his home town twelve years ago with a dream to turn his love for art into a career. Today, he is a well-known artist,…

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The meaning of PENCILLATI

pen·cil·la·ti [pen-suh–lah-tee] plural noun, singular pen·cil·la·to [pen-suh–lah-toh]. 1. a brotherhood of elite artists possessing, or claiming to possess, superior art skills . 2. ( initial capital letter ) a name given to artist society or sect because of their claim to superior skills. Origin:  The term was originally coined in February, 2013 by yours sincerely after drawing inspiration from the latin word, illuminati and fusing it with the vision of eliteness we have for this organisation.