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Team Introduction: Aarchish Jain- Technical Lead

What does your role as technical lead encompass?

My role comprises of the technical troubleshooting in the projects at Pencillati. This includes creating some user friendly, easy-to-handle rigs and giving as much flexibility to the animator as possible to make them work without facing any kind of difficulty in their work. I also try to simplify the pipeline to make the artist work in flow, while providing solutions of the different difficulties they face while working on a 3D software, whether it is Maya or Blender.

Why did you decide to join Pencillati?

I am a person that looks for new opportunities to learn. I was working in production and had not yet worked for game arts. Pencillati gave me an opportunity to explore myself in a completely different direction.

How have you grown in this company?

Absolutely. Pencillati gave me an opportunity to enhance my skill not only in 3D but also in 2D, never tried my hand in lighting and rendering. With Pencillati I came up with some really good experience in enhancing my aesthetic sense and how to present myself and my work.

Whats is your advice to people starting out in learning a new software?

Well, a new software is never a limitation. Learning a new software is just like driving a new car. If you know how to drive, it doesn’t matter which car you are driving. Similarly, learning a new software is not that difficult if your basics are clear. Just keep clear in your mind the output you want. The software will provide you the tool and it is absolutely up to you how will you use that tool to get the desired results.

Posted on November 23, 2016 in Company, People

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