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3D Artist

Hiring Urgently

Experience : 5 - 6 years
Reporting : Production Manager or the person designated by him
Required skills (Mandatory/Primary) :

• Knowledge of 3D Maya and UV layout and editing.
• Knowledge and experience of creating assets.
• Rendering/Shader system.
• Proficiency in modelling and texturing methodologies.
• Hands-on working experience with Blender(priority), Maya, Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unity, Unreal etc.
• Experience as a texturing artist creating characters, environments and props.
• A keen eye for fine detail, age, and narrative when painting textures; an eye for realism.
• Knowledge of human anatomy, materials, and manufacturing principles is a plus.
• Should be a Team Player.
• Should have a good Color Sense.
• Good communication, organizational, time management and interpersonal skills.
• Candidate Should have 5 - 6 years of working experience in various 3D production pipelines.

Roles and responsibility :

• Portfolio demonstrating an understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette concerning organic and inorganic modelling.
• Create high-resolution textures with industry-standard techniques, such as painting and photography, and maintain a high-resolution texture library.
• Will be responsible for making cartoon and realistic characters with texture.
• Producing Photo-sourced as well as hand-painted textures.
• Developing Multi-tile-based texturing for Layered shaders for production.
• An excellent understanding of colour theory and lighting and an affinity for texturing characters and props and architectural and natural environment elements.
• Able to work from photo reference or concept art when available, as well as the ability to provide their own.
• Intuitive understanding of 3D visualization and the ability to sense scale and materials.
• Strong working knowledge of polygonal texturing and UV layout.
• Proficiency in Z-brush for the production of displacement and normal maps.

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Sr. Coloring Artist

Skills & Responsibilities:

• Must be good at digitally coloring Characters, Environments, Props, and stylized illustrations.

• Good command over various styles and design principles.

• Freehand sketching and Composition abilities should be above average.

• Excellent working knowledge of Designing Software (Photoshop/ Illustrator/Krita).

• A superior eye for composition, color, and design with excellent attention to detail.

• Producing color keys and color style explorations to communicate ideas to the client.

• Turning initial sketches into worked-up drawings from which characters/sets are built or locations adapted.

• Working closely with CG Artists and Animators to deliver the highest quality visual output.

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2D Environment Artists

Skills & Responsibilities:

• Good command over various styles and design principles.

• Freehand sketching abilities should be above average.

• Develop high-quality 2D Environments within the defined visual style.

• Excellent working knowledge of Designing Software (Photoshop/ Illustrator/Krita).

• Good analytic eye for volumes, shapes, proportions, detail distribution, color, and materials composition.

• Able to work from photo reference or concept art when available, as well as the ability to come up with own concepts.

• Experience with advanced matte painting techniques including appropriate layering, scene management, and reference gathering.

• Oversee & is responsible for the artistic and visual designs produced by the company.

• Review and approve Environment designs, and artwork developed by other Artists.

• Developing and designing all types of concepts, visual imagery, and graphics for Gaming and Animation projects.

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