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Making a Difference : Pencillati’s CSR Activities

Kids Drawings

February of 2017 saw Pencillati grow towards a new dimension as we launched our Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR) initiative.


As our first CSR initiative, we planned to encourage the value of Professional Training among the children of the Juvenile Justice Board, Kingsway Camp, Delhi.


We wanted to majorly focus the effort in the field of Art and Computers, so we divided ourselves into two groups. One group was to teach Art and the other Computer studies. Here’s a list of the volunteers that were in the respective groups:

Art: Samar Malik and Chirag Thakar

Computer: Vikram Panwar, Atul Bhardwaj, Nishant Kumar, and Anshuman Kashyap

Our primary objective was to encourage the children to explore the world of possibilities that opened up through the paths of knowledge. Therefore, we focused on letting the children learn and use what they learned freely, as they saw fit. And the result was indeed amazing.

Being our first experience in any kind of CSR activity, we were able to learn so much from it. To begin with, interacting with children led us to learn how they think and feel. It helped us by giving a glimpse into our inner child as well.

In the future, we look forward to continuing our CSR initiative and with time even increasing our reach manifold.

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