Summer Internship 2023

During the tenure of my internship, I got to learn how to use Unity game engine. I collected game assets using AI tools that generate images upon providing desired prompts, and incorporated them into my games. In the duration of a month, I have finished making 2-3 fully functional 2D games like Flappy Bird and Frogger, and learnt to publish it in the browser so the game could be shared and played. I have also learnt how to animate game assets for slot game characters like Black Diamond Casino. 
All of this I have done under the mentorship of Kirat Gurung sir. Kirat sir has been very helpful and more than eager to help me learn. He has always been very easy to approach and simplified things in a way I could understand better. I am extremely thankful for having been under his mentorship. 
Pradeep sir has also been helpful, and always responded whenever I faced any technical issues with the system. 
Ashish as well has been very helpful and kind and helped me regarding any problem I faced. 
I would like to thank Vivek sir and his team for granting me the opportunity to intern with their company. This has really been a great learning experience for me and I look forward to working with you in any future endeavour. 
Thanks and Regards, 
Anusua De

Flappy Bird