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Pencillati Studios presents ‘Far The Days Come’

A tree fell and somewhere in a cold unknown land, man discovered fire.
Fire saved man and comforted him.
Time passed, trees kept falling and comfortable men fired to take further comfort in unknown lands.
The World has come a full circle.



Pencillati brings to you ‘Far the Days Come’; a paint animation short film. As the title suggests, the short maps the footprints the society has left behind on the sands of time. Emphasizing on the destruction of forests and war, it shows how far we’ve come away from nature. How far the days have, truly, come.


Directed By: Ram Singh
Music By: Letter Box
Art Lead: Samar Malik
Artist: Gyanendra Singh, Govind Ram, Vikas Pundir
Animation: Pinky Naskar, Nishant Kumar
FX: Nishant Kumar
Special Thanks: Vivek Mangipudi

Check out the awards and recognition the short film received.

Posted on March 20, 2017 in Art, Developement Diary, Entertainment

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