When we hit the CTNX 2015!

Hello, once again!

Pencillati just attended the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo, CTNX, held in Burbank, California from Nov 20-22, 2015. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time being a part of this grand event bustling with the perfect blend of talent and experience. The four member team consisting of Pencillati’s CEO, Producer, Art Director and Lead Artist got a first hand experience of the growing supply and demand scenario of the world of animation entertainment.

The CTNX experience:
The CTNX 2015 was a unique showcase of a collective “500 years of talent, 19 Main Room Panels, 50 Workshop Sessions, 9 Master Classes, 46 Live Demonstrations, 313 exhibitors, 200 recruiting interviews” and religiously lived up to its theme: “One of a kind”

Aside from having a ‘Zootopia’ moment, we attended various talks delivered by the likes of Brittney Lee and John Nevarez as well as attending demonstration stalls of Damen Bard, Andrea Blasich, Glenn Vilppu, Ian Macque, Feng Zhu and Stephen Silver.

The peak of the experience was Alan Hawkins’ Making of Hotel Transylvania 2 talk and using of light script to set the mood of the story.

The CTNX 2015 was one the most exciting events attended by Pencillati out of the sheer presence of the stalwarts of the industry and the level of interaction with them.

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