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Team Introduction: Jatin Malhotra-Associate Art Director

Over the course of its journey, Pencillati has come to be home to quite a few experienced artists. Here’s introducing one such rock star: Jatin Malhotra.

What do you do as Associate Art Director?

I work on different parts of the production and push myself to bring out the required quality in the visual experiences we deliver. Also, I assist my co-artists with my experience.

How has Pencillati affected your journey in the Game Art industry?

Pencillati has given me the opportunity and environment to explore game art and boosted my journey toward my goal to achieve the global quality in art.

What approach would you suggest for someone starting out in this industry?

I think the best approach is to try as many mediums for art creation as they can in the initial stages of their journey. Sooner or later, you would realize your potential, contribute to the industry. It is very important to love what you do because art is about creativity which is better stimulated when you are having fun at what you do.

Which is your favorite game?

I love playing Tekken on the console and Candy Crush when I’m on the move!

Posted on August 10, 2017 in Company, Developement Diary, People

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