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Team Introduction: Samar Malik- Associate Art Director

How would you describe your journey in the Game Art industry?

I started out in the industry as a trainee 2D Artist fresh out of art. From there on I have always found opportunities to learn new things. Along the way, I picked up my Photoshop skills and worked on my development skills in Game Art which included Characters as well as environment.

How has Pencillati affected that journey?

After joining Pencillati team, I got the opportunity to work in a pre-production environment, designing characters for games. Earlier, I had primarily worked in post-production. At Pencillati, the concept of the production process of supplying complete assets become clearer. Apart from these, I have an abundance of opportunity to branch out and learn something new, of which I am currently looking at animation as my next step.

As Associate Art Director, what do you do?

As Associate Art director my responsibilities include developing characters, environment and reviewing the game art developed within the team. Also, I make sure that the team meets the expected quality level. Pencillati is a group of focused artists where we are often learning from our fellow team members. So, I do my part by guiding or helping someone to achieve what they are trying to. I also work on exploring art direction for new games, where we work on a completely new concept of a game and test out what the art is going to look like.

Posted on December 22, 2016 in Company, People

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