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Team Introduction: Tarun Jain-Producer


 What do you do at Pencillati Studios?

I am the Producer at Pencillati Studios.

As Producer, what are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities as a Producer ranges all across the functional spectrum of the studio. My main areas are project management which includes client communication, quality check, deliveries, and work assignment. Besides this, I also manage R&D, ideation, storyboarding, animation/technical supervision, and Social Media presence.

Why did you decide to join Pencillati?

A few years ago I decided to venture out and explore the various art mediums like motion graphics, photography, etc. I was working in Advertising for a while and although it was a challenging and interesting sector, I felt animation is really what I was meant to do. I had previously worked with the people already involved with Pencillati Studios. We shared a like-minded approach to work and had a great rapport. Also, Pencillati constantly provides an excellent space to grow and make use of my skill set.

Posted on January 18, 2017 in Company, People

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